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Association Chat Podcast

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May 23, 2019

One of the best things I love about attending conferences is meeting new people and finding out about the amazing work that they do. It is fortifying.
When my friend, Lauren, tagged me and a person named Jason Williams on a post, suggesting we connect while attending the Collision technology conference in Toronto,...

May 15, 2019

"The Secret to Building Bigger Buzz"

Svetlana Legetic is the co-founder of Brightest Young Things now BYT Media, Inc. — a collective of content makers, culture curators, event planners and creative marketing strategists. For over a decade now, they’ve produced a legitimately cool AND useful online and offline...

May 1, 2019

What if you could harness all the best wisdom - knowledge, experience, intuition - from a group of people and use it to make extremely accurate decisions and predictions? Would that be valuable for you? If the answer is yes, you must watch this interview. 

A few weeks ago I saw a tweet from my friend Adrian Segar,...

Apr 26, 2019

Simon Sinek says “Working hard for something you don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something you love is called passion.”

My guest for this episode is helping people connect their passion and professions and she’s GOOD at it, too!

The Executive Producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show - who has...

Apr 25, 2019

How Comfortable Are You With Challenging the Status Quo?

Many of us might think we are pretty good at testing our assumptions, but my guest for this episode is masterful at it. In fact, she’s a successful social entrepreneur [precisely because she’s so good at disruption. And she even wrote a book to help us all get...