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Sep 10, 2018

Welcome to Association Chat News! I’m your host, KiKi L’Italien, and it’s Monday, so let’s talk about this Association News flash briefing for September 10, 2018.

Things got pretty fired up in Association Chat-land last Friday. In case you missed it, let’s get you caught up-to-speed.

First, we dealt with long-seeded issues over member value.  When a consultant member of ASAE posted a blog to Collaborate, the members’-only community platform, some people thought it was more self-promotional than a community resource, and should be taken down. This triggered a discussion dredging up longtime concerns about membership value and the perceived imbalance between membership as a consultant versus association executives.

Later, things again got heated on the Association Chat Facebook Group over a post sharing ASAE’s new process for applying to speak at next year’s Great Ideas Conference.  Members of the group found the language used to describe the suggested session prototypes suspiciously similar to session topics and specialty areas authored by specific consultants throughout the industry.

As more people began to study the language in question, other session descriptions surfaced suggesting they too may have been lifted from other published articles, generating potential plagiarism concerns.

Association Chat posters also discussed concerns about the new ASAE process for identifying conference content, wondering if the process for generating content for a meeting focused on innovation was itself not innovative enough.

With this discussion still fresh and ongoing, several questions remain.

  • Are consultant members at ASAE getting a fair shake?
  • What is the line between helpful resource and content that is viewed as self-promotional?
  • What are the boundaries of ownership when it comes to ideas?
  • What are the rules for using wording found in online articles for prototypes?
  • What happens next with the ASAE members and consultant engagement?
  • What about the Great Ideas conference application process? Will that change in light of all this discussion?

Clearly, it will be interesting to follow these conversations and see what happens next.

You can see what happens next on this news and share your take on things over on the Association Chat Facebook Group.

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