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Association Chat Podcast

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Sep 18, 2017

Your Association Chat crew has created a quick bootcamp because we are invested in ensuring that you are prepared to take full advantage of this important opportunity to establish lifelong connections and friends through networking.  Networking is a vehicle to establish a connection. 

We as association professionals have the power to choose if we are going to network with authenticity.  To ensure that you can develop your authentic networking gameplan, we have invited Jaymin Patel, creator of "Networking Like a Rockstar" to share his "science" to networking that anyone can leverage to make networking fun and empowering!

He has presented  on this topic across the US, and internationally at Fortune 500 Companies and prestigious institutions like Harvard, Stanford and the London School of Economics. Jaymin will present the must do’s and what -not-to-do’s of networking to build meaningful and lasting personal relationships in professional settings in order to achieve your career & life goals.