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Oct 22, 2018

Association Chat News Flash

Happy Monday, you crazy Association Chat-land people.

This is your Association Chat News Flash for October 22, 2018, your favorite flash briefing on associations and upcoming events in Association Chat-land & I’m the host of Association Chat, KiKi L’Italien.

This week you need to do two things for sure.

The first is RSVP if you are going to attend The Association Chat Happy Hour & VR Adventure is taking place in Alexandria, Virginia, at Brightline Interactive on November 8 from 4-6 pm and if you’ve ever wanted to find out more about the ways associations can use augmented reality or virtual reality, this is your chance to play with some tech toys and ask questions from the Brightline folks who are also organizing members of the VR/AR Association DC chapter!

Of course, this is also a happy hour with drinks and food so we can just meet up and see each other, too. But it’s always fun to have something interesting to check out while you’re catching up, am I right?

You can register on for the tickets, which are free, but necessary since space is limited. We only have about 9 spaces left, so hurry and grab your spot if you’re interested.

The second thing you need to do is listen to a couple of the most recent episodes of the Association Chat Podcast. I’ve edited and uploaded some that i think you’ll enjoy and get value out of, including last week’s interview with Gary LaBranche on succession planning and the awesome interview on SEO that I had the chance to do the week before. Go take a listen when you get the chance!

Well, that’s your Association Chat News Flash for October 18.

Thanks again for listening to the Association Chat News Flash. Learn more at and check back regularly for another Association Chat News Flash Briefing.