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Association Chat Podcast

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Apr 20, 2017

Remember atmosphere around the 2016 Presidential Election and the discussion happening in the association and non-profit realm at that time?

Where are we now?

This Association Chat with the CEO and Chair of American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) discussed leading in times of uncertainty.

No matter which administration is in office, we all have to find ways to work together. What that work looks like, how we conduct it, and all the related nuances can be challenging for any association leader. But what about when you're the leader of the association of associations?

For this Association Chat, we'll find out how the leaders of ASAE are anticipating and handling these challenges following a divisive US presidential election.

What are their challenges, what are they hearing from members and how are they communicating with them? And what do they see as they lead ASAE into a more complex future that likely includes increasing concerns regarding D+I and many other issues too?

This is a special Q&A you don't want to miss.

"As association leaders, we have a unique challenge and opportunity ahead of us. Associations have always made a difference, and our role has never been more important." - John Graham, CEO of ASAE

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