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Association Chat Podcast

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Apr 5, 2022

For this episode, nonprofit mavens Allison Fine and Beth Kanter joined Association Chat host KiKi L'Italien for a discussion about the information and tools nonprofit staffers and board members need to effectively use artificial intelligence without alienating the human stakeholders and donors on whom they rely.

Allison Fine is among the nation’s preeminent writers and strategists on the use of technology for social good.

Beth Kanter is an internationally recognized thought leader in digital transformation and well-being in the nonprofit workplace, a trainer & facilitator, and a sought-after keynote speaker.

The two authors recently released their latest book, "The Smart Nonprofit: Staying Human-Centered in an Age of Automation" (published March 9, 2022) sharing examples of organizations exploring the use of "smart-tech" in nonprofits.

What does "smart-tech" mean for nonprofits? Why should nonprofits remain human-centered? Is it even possible?

For this episode, we asked them:

  • What does it mean to become a “smart nonprofit” and how is that related to being “human-centered?”
  • What are the opportunities and risks of smart-tech?
  • At what level should the C-suite and Board be involved?
  • “Do No Harm Pledge” – what is it and why it is important for associations to consider creating one
  • What is their writing process like? How do they keep egos in check while collaborating?

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