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Sep 20, 2022

Do boycotts work? Sometimes. But it's complicated. 

Often, when it comes to hosting conferences, it turns out it's the workers at the destinations who get hurt the worst and the boycott doesn't always have the intended impact desired.

Could there be a middle ground for organizations hosting meetings in states that support legislature that *doesn't* align with an individual's – or an organization's – values?

SocialOffset is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation created to provide event organizers and their attendees with a tool to offset the economic impact of their event or stay in a city where local legislation and laws are not in alignment with their individual values. The “offset” is realized when an attendee elects to make a donation to a recommended list of local charities and/or organizations that support those impacted by particular laws that may be in conflict with the attendee’s personal values. (This is similar to a carbon offset.)

Additionally, partners with supporting destination marketing organizations to showcase options to event organizers whose attendees have expressed concern about meeting in a particular location. It is the founders’ belief that through this opportunity, event organizers, attendees, and destination marketing organizations can support those most impacted by these legislative activities rather than choosing to boycott locations.

Featuring guests Elena Gerstmann and Rhonda Payne!