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Association Chat Podcast

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Jun 24, 2019

How can the philosophies, habits, and models in entrepreneurship catalyze associations? That’s what we’re talking about this week on Association Chat.

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When we look at associations, a lot of times we get bogged down by thinking of them as these unwieldy, rigid organizations.

We can look at entrepreneurs, large innovative companies, and the startup culture and begin to wonder about the future for associations and maybe even wonder if and how to let some of those more entrepreneurial ideas trickle in.

Maybe it’s incubators, or maybe it’s design thinking, or product development. Maybe it’s ideas. Whatever it is, we want to make our associations as strong and effective as possible.

But it’s not just effectiveness or efficiency we want, right? We actually want to move from being the slow, less creative, more traditional institutions to being transformative in how our members and the world think about or use our information. We’re looking at entrepreneurship because we want to transform the way we think or do things institutionally.

So what is it about entrepreneurship that really make that difference? For me, it’s a devotion to curiosity and not settling for the status quo, looking for creative ways to better connect and lead our industries, our members, and to move beyond relevance into excellence.

To explore this more, this week I’m visiting with the Associations Catalyzing Entrepreneurship group in Washington, DC, and the founder of ACE  Meena Dayak.