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Sep 17, 2018

Summary: The American Society of Association Executives responds to criticism over their Great Ideas call for papers, what are you giving away when you sign that next speaker agreement, and what do associations still need to learn about D&I – on this week’s Association Chat News Flash Briefing.

A simple Facebook post sharing ASAE’s new process for applying to speak at next year’s Great Ideas Conference became the focus for attention last week when members of the group found the language used to describe the suggested session prototypes a little too similar to session topics and specialty areas authored by specific consultants throughout the industry.

When other session descriptions turned out to have been taken without attribution or citation from published articles in sources like Harvard Business Review and Inc, plagiarism concerns were heightened and a question of ethics arose around those concerns and other aspects of the Call For Papers were raised.

ASAE’s CEO John Graham issued a statement to the Association Chat community on Friday to address some of this concern. You can find this statement over on

The statement satisfied many who wanted to make sure that something was being done.

But questions linger.

Some post comments from the community ask for follow-up information from ASAE including:

  • What changes are being made to make sure the plagiarized material is found and what is the auditing process exactly?
  • Are the current speakers agreements fair to speakers and their IP?
  • Have any ASAE or CAE ethics violations occurred?
  • How will this incident impact Great Ideas?
  • What are the boundaries of ownership when it comes to ideas?


  • What can we learn from this?

Will there be more answers or will this conversation die away? Watch for more information here as the story progresses.

In other news, on Tuesday Association Chat welcomes Michelle Mason as our podcast guest and she will be answering questions about the work that associations still have to do to get Diversity & Inclusion right.

That all happens on Tuesday at 2 pm EST live on the Crowdcast platform. You can find out more and link to register to the Chat over on the Association Chat website

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