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Association Chat Podcast

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Oct 20, 2020

Look, we know times can be tough in association marketing (and for your own personal branding, as well!). But Sherron Washington is determined to show us how to transform our challenges into opportunities. Learn how she has continued to build her brand, start a meaningful movement (#YourWorthIsValued), and grow her business(es) in the midst of a global pandemic. Find out how what Sherron thinks associations need to know about marketing in today's difficult climate and how she has elevated her personal brand to experience greater resilience and opportunity!

- Intro to Sherron Washington [00:00]

- “Stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready!” [01:10]

- Part of what your business is all about is speaking and training

– you hold incredible leadership events

– how have you adapted your business in 2020? [3:41] - You aren’t afraid of making big statements and making waves

– can you talk with me about the #YourWorthIsValued campaign I saw earlier this year on DC’s Fox5 news? #YourWorthIsValued social media campaign is designed to combat negative images seen in media. [8:19]

- Advice for people facing challenges and uncertainty in their careers or professions. [14:02]

- Can other people really support you and be happy for your success? What is the benefit of having your own tribe? [17:35]

- What do you think association marketers need to know this year when it comes to marcomm efforts? [21:59]

- On the importance of considering the association's mission statement for complex communications and any economical challenges your organization may face. [28:29]

- At the end of every interview, I have started asking the podcast guest the question of the week that I ask in the private Facebook group for Association Chat. This week's question: "What is your best advice for someone who wants to work in associations?" [48:50]

A leading expert in the marcomm industry, Sherron provides innovative, solution-driven insight, that identifies ideal marketing techniques.

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