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Association Chat Podcast

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Dec 3, 2020

In a year with fewer in-person meetings and face-to-face interactions, online communities have played an important role in helping people feel more connected.

In this episode of the Chat, we find out how the online community leaders for some of your favorite online communities in the association industry stepped up to the challenge in the year of COVID-19, BLM protests, and all the rest!

We talk about why they created their groups, the stories they’ve heard, and the lessons they’ve learned.

We also discuss the role of community during a time such as the one we are in and what opportunities there still are for even more community members to become more involved or even create their own online groups!

Hear from some of your favorite online community leaders: Texts to Table (Shawn Boynes and Donté P. Shannon); Community by Association (Marjorie Anderson); Content Forum (Dina Lewis and Maggie McGary); Rogue Tulips (Cecilia Sepp); Blk+Brn Professionals (Rhonda Payne); Association Rockstars (Lowell Aplebaum and Amy Hager); and Association Morning Coffee (Nicole Araujo).