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Jun 25, 2018

GDPR and Associations ...a Month Later

It's been a month since The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect and what has happened since then?

  • Have the questions around GDPR changed?
  • Are organizations more GDPR compliant today than they were on May 25th, when the EU's new rules on privacy and user data became enforceable?
  • What do association executives need to know?

We'll discuss that on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 12:30 pm EDT for a special edition of Association Chat. 

From a The Verge article earlier this year:

But perhaps the GDPR requirement that has everyone tearing their hair out the most is the data subject access request. EU residents have the right to request access to review personal information gathered by companies. Those users — called “data subjects” in GDPR parlance — can ask for their information to be deleted, to be corrected if it’s incorrect, and even get delivered to them in a portable form. But that data might be on five different servers and in god knows how many formats. (This is assuming the company even knows that the data exists in the first place.) A big part of becoming GDPR compliant is setting up internal infrastructures so that these requests can be responded to.

No one’s ready for GDPR. (2018). The Verge. Retrieved 20 June 2018, from

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It's been a month since GDPR went into action...check out what has happened since then! Live interview on Association Chat 6/26 at 12:30 EDT #assnchat #associations #CIO #GDPR #dataprivacy #GDPR

Member Engagement or Old Baggage?

There’s a member engagement channel that too many associations aren’t leveraging. In fact, this channel is more often referred to as baggage. There are a number of associations who have turned the baggage into an asset. The baggage we’re referring to? Hint: it is your components – call them chapters, affiliates, sections or any other name and the potential is member engagement, awareness, sales, and growth. 

We’ll share a few stories, plus research culled from a survey of association CEOs and association benchmarking study.


Charlotte Muylaert, Billhighway

Peggy Hoffman, FASAE, CAE, Mariner Management

Dresden Farrand, MPA, MPP, CAE, Vice President of Chapter Development, Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc. (IEC)


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