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Jun 26, 2018

Welcome to Association Chat News Flash Briefing -  I’m KiKi L’Italien and here’s what you need to know for Tuesday, June 26th, 2018!

Today, Tuesday, you can listen to 2 live Association Chat interviews back-to-back starting at 12:30 pm EDT!

The first interview is all about GDPR: It's been a month since The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect and what has happened since then? I’ll ask members of the UK data privacy company The Trust Bridge about what’s happened since GDPR went into effect and the questions we all need to be asking ourselves today. Which murky rules have been clarified and which remain shrouded in mystery? We’ll find out today at 12:30 pm EDT.

After that, you can find out about a member engagement channel that too many associations aren’t leveraging. In fact, this channel is more often referred to as baggage and I have three guests that will challenge you to explore this channel further today at 2 pm EDT!

Look for more information about how to register on!

That’s it for today - Check back again soon for the next Association Chat Daily Briefing.




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If you are still wondering what you can do about GDPR, you can check out the resources and interviews available on the Association Chat private Facebook Group. You just need to make sure to join that.

Also, you can check out to see the latest post about new online learning on GDPR available from The Trust Bridge. This learning is available as a mobile app and you should check it out if you or your team needs more education on GDPR compliance.



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