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Association Chat Podcast

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May 9, 2018

For this episode of Association Chat, we explore the Race for Relevance with author and association consultant Mary Byers. 

It's been a few years since Race for Relevance and the follow-up to that book (co-authored with Harrison Coerver), Road to Relevance, were published. 

Are Race's "Five Radical Changes" still the right initiatives association execs need to employ to "energize" in governance, management, and strategy? What has Byers witnessed in her experiences with associations since then? Have associations become more nimble or are we still in danger of losing out to commercial enterprises that can supply the same benefits with speed? What should association leaders be paying attention to these days to better navigate their careers and the future of their organizations in the age of continuous disruption?

We'll talk about all of this and more on this show. Please listen and tell me what you think via the socials or email.