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Association Chat Podcast

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Sep 4, 2020

This episode features my interview with co-creator of the 'Asians Strike Back' Comedy Show which highlights the topics of racism & misinformation, Kyle Marian. Kyle Marian is a comedian, producer, science communications consultant, & former physical anthropologist.

She produces & hosts socially-mindful, inclusive, & accessible comedy shows. She and Esther Chen have decided to combat coronavirus-based racism with comedy and science.

In response to the racism they were witnessing, Marian and Chen hosted their comedy show “Asians Strike Back: A Coronavirus Comedy & Science Show” on March 1, 2020.

The show had both Asian comedians and scientists discuss the pandemic with both jokes and information on how to properly prevent the spread of the virus.

They worked with Symposium: Academic StandUp and the Caveat to host the event in New York City. When I interviewed Kyle, it was just after COVID-19 had been officially declared a pandemic by the WHO.

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