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Mar 2, 2019

“You’re only two clicks away from uncovering a lie,” is the mantra Phil Riggins, founder of the Brand & Reputation Collective (the BRC) in the UK, now lives by.

Is it the mantra for the age we live in?

The 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals that trust has changed profoundly in the past year—people have shifted their trust to the relationships within their control, most notably their employers.

Globally, 75 percent of people trust “my employer” to do what is right, significantly more than NGOs (57 percent), business (56 percent) and media (47 percent).

Can your organization optimize for trust? Let's find out how Gary LaBranche, Matthew D'Uva, and Nick Parker's organizations do it on this episode!

How do association leaders and communications experts avoid creating a crisis in times of “radical uncertainty” and change? I talk with association executives and a podcast producer in the Midwest about navigating these treacherous waters.

Episode #90 Communication Challenges in the Age of "Fake News"

Fear runs rampant as many citizens carry eroding trust in the internet as well as the foundations of democracy, 2019 has already witnessed a historic government shutdown, ongoing claims from the President of the United States that "the media is the enemy of the people", and in the midst of it all, we must still communicate with our Board, members, the media, and the public.

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Episode #90 Communication Challenges in the Age of "Fake News"