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Association Chat Podcast

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Jan 29, 2021

Leveraging your strengths at work makes you stronger personally and professionally.
The world seems obsessed with fixing what's broken with people, but if you invest your energy into building on your natural talents (and your team's natural talents), your productivity and engagement will see a boost.
We're talking with guest Shaara Roman, Founder and CEO, The Silverene Group Shaara Roman is a mom, wife, board member, entrepreneur, and former CHRO.
Shaara and her team consult with leaders to create healthy workplaces by helping them build compelling cultures, design effective organizations and align their people programs to crush business goals. Born in India, schooled in Nigeria and England, and having lived in Greece before coming to the US to work her way through college, Shaara is a citizen of the world. This experience has instilled a desire to build bridges between different kinds of people and propelled her to launch her business in 2016. Shaara has deep leadership and executive experience and brings an authentic, creative and solution-oriented approach to client engagements. Shaara is a frequent speaker, serves on the boards of Enabled Intelligence and Arlington Soccer Association, and received an MBA from Georgetown University.