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Association Chat Podcast

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Mar 6, 2018

Sexual harassment in Hollywood and Silicon Valley is dominating news cycles. Many people in the association and meetings space wonder when the eye of the storm will turn toward their industries and make examples of them. Others are concerned whether they've done enough to protect their employees and members from harm. 

For this Association Chat, I talk with the brilliant journo/professor/podcast host Ashley Milne-Tyte about the problems our society faces with sexual harassment in the workplace, what some leaders are doing to prevent it, and steps we can take to improve on this issue.

More about Ashley (from her LinkedIn profile): 

Podcast host, broadcaster, writer, teacher. I produce stories for Marketplace, NPR, WNYC and Voice of America and have written for publications including Metro, the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Phoenix Focus, Women of Influence and Quill, the Society of Professional Journalists magazine. I teach writing and audio reporting skills to Columbia J-School graduate students. In 2017 I have worked with podcast companies Gimlet Creative and Pineapple Street to host branded podcasts. 

You can find links to much of my work and read more about my services at my website, 

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