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Association Chat Podcast

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May 23, 2019

One of the best things I love about attending conferences is meeting new people and finding out about the amazing work that they do. It is fortifying.
When my friend, Lauren, tagged me and a person named Jason Williams on a post, suggesting we connect while attending the Collision technology conference in Toronto, I quickly did some Google sleuthing to find out more about the person I was about to meet.
Once I did that, I *knew* I had to get some time for a mini-interview with Jason.
Jason is the Executive Director for Centric, a 501c3 nonprofit that connects, educates and celebrates Indiana's problem solvers. Centric exists to increase the recognition of Indiana as a global center of innovation.
From their initial gatherings in 2007, Jason and his crew have built an incredible community of people and companies that spans industries and creates serendipity that may never occur otherwise.
I sat down with Jason to get to know him better and to make the most of Collision conference, where I wanted to ask entrepreneurs and tech leaders about community, trust, and technology. I hope you enjoy!