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Sep 28, 2017

Drones – Amazing technology offering opportunities and dilemmas for all of us! But how much do you really know about drones and what do you NEED to know in order to do your due diligence as a leader?

Meet the extreme leader of Geoteaming – John Chen. He climbs mountains, walks on fire, swims with dolphins in the wild, rides Harleys and snowboards out of helicopters. He's also been doing some pretty amazing things using drones at events. 

Sounds cool, right?

But what kinds of things EXACTLY can we do with drones at our meetings? What are the possibilities? What are the concerns? What are some of the legal issues we need to be aware of?

These are a lot of questions for one person, so for this episode of Association Chat, I also brought on expert photographer Chuck Fazio whom you might remember from a previous episode. He's also been using drones at meetings and when John and Chuck get talking, some amazing things happen...including the potential birth of a NEW ASSOCIATION!

“With every big risk comes a hidden reward. It may not be what you think it is, it may be better!”  – John Chen

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