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Feb 13, 2018

If you aren't already thinking about whether or not you are in compliance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) taking effect in May 2018, you should be. This regulation will impact organizations worldwide, carries hefty penalties for those who abuse or ignore their responsibilities, and is ushering in a new day for better data privacy and data hygiene for everyone. 

But what do YOU need to know right now to make sure you are on the right path?

This show's guests include two high profile UK-based GDPR experts, an association CEO, and an association industry technology consultant leading the way in organizing leaders for GDPR readiness. If you have questions about your data and responsibilities with the GDPR, register for this free chat!

Confirmed Guests include:

Dr. Rachel O’Connell, Chief Information Officer, The Trust Bridge 

Rachel O’Connell (Co-Founder of The TrustBridge) is one of the preeminent authorities on electronic identification and age verification and has worked with The Digital Policy Alliance (EURIM) which is the politically neutral, cross-party policy voice in Europe of the internet and technology sector. Rachel led the Age Verification Group of the Digital Policy Alliance and is the author of a Publicly Available Specification (PAS) and technical standard entitled PAS 1296 on an Online Age Checking code of practice, which was published by the British Standards Institution in August 2017.

Rachel was the fifth person to join the start-up social networking platform, Bebo, and was instrumental in operationally building the business, which was acquired by AOL in 2008 for $850M. Before joining Bebo, Rachel led a series of highly successful large-scale Pan-European projects, which involved managing teams located in 19 countries across Europe.

In 2000, Rachel set up the Cyberspace Research Unit, at the University of Central Lancashire and secured funding from the European Commission to establish and operate the first UK Internet Safety Centre (2000- 2006), which was based at the Cyberspace Research Unit. Rachel’s Ph.D. examined the implications of online pedophile activity for investigative strategies

David Clarke, FBCS CITP, Chief Technology Officer

David is a leading authority on security issues with experience across Finance, Telecoms, and the Public Sector.  David is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, at the most senior professional grade.  His past work included building secure operations capabilities, often from scratch, and developing a full Cyber incident response. Other projects included the development of CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) on a Financial Intranet which handled $3.5 trillion trading per day and the rollout of managed security services with a $400 million global install base.  David headed up the architecture and oversaw implementation. 

David’s accomplishments include: 

  • Achieving multiple Global ISO27001 standard qualifications for several $billion dollar contracts.

  • Development of a PCI-DSS (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard for a UK Credit Card Transmission Service).

  • Management of Multiple Global Security Operations Centres.

  • Development of a CERT (computer emergency response team) for leading-edge technological deployments and architectures.

  • GDPR Technology Forum – Founder LinkedIn Forum

Recognized as one of the top 10 influencers by Thompson Reuter and one of the top 30 most influential thought-leaders and thinkers on social media, in risk management, compliance and reg tech in the UK.

  • Founder and Owner of Linkedin GDPR Technology group 8600 + Members 

  • Twitter @1davidclarke which has 52.8 k Followers  

  • published 4 times a week

  • A recognized thought leader in the InfoSec industry, David has over 52,800 twitter followers and is the author of a forthcoming book on cyber.

David DeLorenzo, CAE, CIO - Technology Management at DelCor Technology Solutions

With more than 20 years’ experience in the association space and nearly 15 years as a senior IT executive, David DeLorenzo has a history of dynamic leadership, strategic thinking, problem-solving, and team building.  He is a high-energy leader and visionary who excels at planning and communicating strategic initiatives as they relate to the overall enterprise.

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