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Association Chat Podcast

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Feb 27, 2024

AI and Equitable Education...we hear alot about the harm that generative AI can cause on campuses, but can it also heal and improve equitability for higher ed? Join host KiKi L'Italien for this episode featuring insights from Charles Ansell of Complete College America, Michael Baston from Cuyahoga Community College, and...

Feb 20, 2024

ASAE Launches Association Governance Institute – what is it and what happens next? "Charting New Horizons in Association Leadership: Paul Pomerantz Talks AGI Launch"

Tune into Association Chat with host KiKi L'Italien as we welcome Paul Pomerantz, the force behind the new Association Governance Institute (AGI).

Feb 13, 2024

Join host KiKi L'Italien on Association Chat as she looks into the transformative impact of AI on associations with guests, BettyBot.AI thought leaders: Rob Barnes, Thomas Altman, and Dray McFarlane! Discover how associations are revolutionizing education and engagement through technology – and how BettyBot's leaders...

Feb 6, 2024

An association introduces its new AI "staff" – and the robot overlords are friendly (for now)...

Welcome to this episode of the Association Chat Podcast, full of the delights and dorkiness that any well-intentioned association podcast talking about technology these days can hardly avoid. 

For this episode, we talk...