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Association Chat Podcast

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Aug 25, 2020

“CBS Sunday Morning” correspondent Mo Rocca explains what drew him to highlight stories about historical figures that many people may not know about.

Many things have changed because of the current pandemic, but one thing remains true: we could all use a good laugh right about now. In this episode, Association Chat...

Aug 3, 2020

Are You Ready for Your "Hire" Moment? What does today's job market look like and how can you best prepare for a potential job change? Join Association Chat host KiKi L'Italien as she talks with executive recruiter and coach Shira (Harrington) Lotzar about how to best prepare for job changes and what to do to make sure...

Aug 3, 2020

Join Association Chat host KiKi L'Italien as she interviews founder of Christina Blacken about using leadership and narrative intelligence for addressing culture change and inclusion.
Some of the questions discussed during the show:
  • What is The New Quo?
  • Why are stories so important for us to...

Aug 1, 2020

As a medical ethicist, Harriet Washington has a unique and courageous voice and deconstructs the politics around medical issues. In addition to giving an abundance of historically accurate information on ‘scientific racism’, she paints a powerful and disturbing portrait of medicine, race, sex, and the abuse of...