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Association Chat Podcast

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Feb 5, 2019

About our guest: Eric Kuhn is a successful entrepreneur sitting at the intersection of media, entertainment and technology.

Most recently he helped start and run Layer3 TV, a next-generation cable provider that sold to T-Mobile.  Previously Eric was Hollywood’s first “social media agent” at United Talent Agency where he represented some of the industry’s top writers, directors, actors and producers on investments, digital strategy and social media.

In 2009 Eric became CNN’s Audience Interaction Producer, running social media and producing some of the first television programs that integrated digital platforms. He also is responsible for launching the National Basketball Association and CBS News on social media.

Passionate about the arts, this season he produced his first Broadway show: Harvey Fierstein’s Torch Song. He also sits on the boards of Lincoln Center Theater and SeriesFest (an award-winning festival dedicated to showcasing episodic storytelling from around the world).


  1. What are you the most excited about in tech these days (that you can talk about) + why?
  2. What kind of impact might this have on associations and nonprofits?
  3. You and some of your collaborators have worked on projects with an intention to include social impact elements.  How do you think association leaders might consider incorporating more social impact projects into their own meetings and events? Any words of advice?
  4. During your career, you’ve helped some of the entertainment industry’s biggest names better represent themselves and connect using technology. What can an association executive do today to raise their profile and stand out using social media in a noisy and saturated digital landscape?
  5. You’ve been called the “Father of Influencers” - what do you think most people get wrong about influencer marketing?
  6. What are some major mistakes you’ve seen people make with their social media use that that Association Chat viewers should avoid at all costs?
  7. Another great talent of yours is navigating the business of technology. Based on your own experience, what areas of technological growth should leaders be paying special attention to these days?
  8. You are always on the go, always traveling, always working, and yet you stay at the forefront of many different things: Technology, business, theater, ...what have you had to sacrifice time-wise in order to make it all work?
  9. What websites, books, podcasts, magazines, people do you regularly check-in with to make sure you stay on top of those things you care about the most?
  10. What’s the best way for people to connect with you about speaking or anything else?

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