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May 1, 2019

What if you could harness all the best wisdom - knowledge, experience, intuition - from a group of people and use it to make extremely accurate decisions and predictions? Would that be valuable for you? If the answer is yes, you must watch this interview. 

A few weeks ago I saw a tweet from my friend Adrian Segar, who literally wrote the book on unconferences, discussing the wisdom of crowds sharing why an unconference would always be better than a conference designed using a conference curator, or one expert, who helped craft a vision for what a conference should be.

And it got me thinking about an interesting option...

And that option came from a segment I watched in an episode of the new Amazon Prime Video docuseries - it was just released February 22 - called This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy.

I remembered one segment, in particular, featuring a researcher talking with the host, Kal Penn, about collective intelligence, using Swarm AI technology, that could harness all the best wisdom from a group of people and make extremely accurate decisions.

And I wondered could this technology be used to make better conferences? Or, for associations of every industry facing tremendous change and disruption, could Swarm AI or hive intelligence help make strategic decisions about an organization’s mission?

Anyone who sees value in small data, big data, qualitative and quantitative research, any leader who makes big decisions for a group of people needs to hear about our topic.

So I reached out to the researcher and his company!

Dr. Louis Rosenberg received his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degrees from Stanford and his doctoral work focused on robotics, virtual reality, and human-computer interaction.

As a researcher at the U.S. Air Force’s Armstrong Labs, he created the ‘Virtual Fixtures’ system, the first Augmented Reality platform ever built. He has been awarded more than 300 patents for his technological efforts.

Dr. Louis Rosenberg is CEO and Chief Scientist of Unanimous AI, a company focused on amplifying the intelligence of networked human groups using AI algorithms modeled after natural swarms and today I am happy to welcome Louis to the show to talk with us more about these questions and so many others!

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