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Sep 24, 2018

The ASAE Great Ideas Brouhaha - (Recorded September 21, 2018 - 12:30 EST)

A seemingly simple post sharing the ASAE Great Ideas Call for Speakers was posted to the members-only Association Chat Facebook Group on Friday, September 6, 2018.

This post sparked a controversy over ethics issues concerning plagiarism, intellectual property, and equity of membership.

A rough timeline of the ensuing events and key topics at issue:

- On September 6th a link to ASAE's Great Ideas Call for Content Leaders is shared. Part of this Call for Content Leaders includes a PDF of "prototypes" for sessions that are open for speaker submissions. - The prototypes offer descriptions of each session that would be ideal for the conference.
- Within hours, a comment from an Association Chat member is posted suggesting the session prototypes seem to be descriptions of well-known consultants' work.
- Soon after, another member posts some examples of descriptions in published articles (from sources like Harvard Business Review, KPMG, Salesforce, Deloitte, etc) that they have found using plagiarism tracking software.
- A concern is raised about plagiarism and intellectual property violations. Is this unintended negligence, a glimpse at deeper cultural issues at hand, or something else?
- More comments soon follow. Many are focused on the most recent speaker agreements from ASAE that some interpret as requiring each speaker to sign over to ASAE their content, IP, and rights to future sale and distribution without further compensation. (In addition, Association Chat members post that the agreement includes an additional request for speakers to create 15 questions and answers to help sell their material for ASAE's profit.)
- Requests are made for transparency into the plagiarism auditing process.
- Requests are also made for a more in-depth look at the way ASAE receives its content (including speaker contracts). 
- ASAE's Ethics Committee's mission comes into question – what is their role? What is the process for submitting that a violation has occurred?

Chat Host KiKi L'Italien interviews ASAE's Chief Executive Officer John Graham, Chief Learning Officer Rhonda Payne, and Chief Information & Engagement Officer Reggie Henry for today's Association Chat.

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