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Dec 14, 2020

What is the role storytelling plays in creating deeper relationships?

Dave Nadelberg is best known as the creator of Mortified and the cultural movement has now become a podcast, multiple books, a couple documentaries and the new Netflix series, The Mortified Guide. But it all started with a live show, which is still going strong across 20 cities around the world.

He and co-creator Neil Katcher recently created a card game called, "I Can't Believe I Did That..." which is both a party game and an exercise in empathy and hilarity. We'll talk about the power of storytelling and the ways we can use story to better connect with other people. "

Reminisce with your friends about intense pop star crushes, questionable fashion choices, and sobbing at the middle school dance with conversation prompts that spark memories of your most heartwarming, confusing, and totally OMG-worthy moments.

Celebrate all your weirdest and most wonderful childhood memories and get to know your friends like never before with this gloriously awkward and honest party game for adults 17 and up--perfect for any video chat or socially distant hangout."