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Sep 21, 2017

With this Association Chat, a "TV Producer's Association Story on Change Management" we talk with Sharon Newport, a TV producer turned association executive, who will share how she has leveraged her background as an actor and tv producer to bring a mentality of nimbleness and a culture of change management to the association world.

Sharon will speak on the value of communications and storytelling to support the process of effective change management, and she’ll illustrate her points with examples of how DHI has made major strategic changes to the four key areas of their value proposition over the last five years. 


Association Chat is a seven-year conversation that began with a weekly Twitter meeting on Tuesday at 2pm EST(#assnchat), that KiKi L'Italien grew to a weekly webcast that has also evolved into a podcast.  In late May she invited Tamela Blalock, MBA, CMP, DES (Executive Director of Section on Women's Health) and association executive Nabil El'Ghoroury (Associate Executive Director at the American Psychological Association (APA)) to join her to add more perspectives and topics to the conversation.

The format is about 1-hour long where we begin with 10 minutes of discussion on association news and then we bring in our esteemed industry expert to for an elevated and nuanced conversation about a key area that top association executives should be considering.  We live stream over several platforms (Crowdcast, Periscope, Facebook Live, and YouTube live), and average anywhere between 20-200 live participants each week.  There are often live questions from our online audience.

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